Best TV speakers you can buy in 2020

Who doesn’t love the current crop of TV sets in the market? Slim, wide screens, with the highest video resolution; just how you want to catch up on your favorite series or enjoy Monday Night Football. 

But there’s one problem…the poor sound quality takes away from all the fun and this is an issue that many homeowners would like to fix. Luckily, you can get a nice set of external speakers to bring the groove back to your screen-watching sessions.

The first option you have is to get desktop speakers. This is the most affordable alternative to improve your TV’s audio output, as well as the most versatile. These speakers are conveniently lightweight and compact so that you simply place them next to your screen when you haven’t got too much space in the living room.

top quality TV speakers

Some of the best desktop speakers you can buy include models like the five-star Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2s; very capable and engaging speakers. They have an optical input at the rear end of the master speaker that allows you to connect your TV. 

You can also go for the amazing KEF LSX wireless system, which offers exciting streaming features and numerous connections. The bonus here is that you won’t need to add the clutter of twisting wires and cables just to get your speakers connected. 

And if your preferred wireless speaker doesn’t come with an optical input, you can take the 3.5mm headphone from your TV and plug it into the speakers’ auxiliary input to control the volume from your TV. 

Another great way of achieving a great surround sound for your TV is to get a quality soundbar or soundbase, especially if you don’t have the space to accommodate a traditional AV or hi-fi system. 

Most soundbars have a slim construction that allows you to mount them just below your TV. However, some models like the Dali Katch One and Sennheiser Ambeo can be tall and chunky, which will mean that you create more room for them. You want to ensure that the height of the soundbar doesn’t block the IR sensor at the bottom edge of the screen. 

Meanwhile, sound bases provide an alternative configuration. The flat base allows you to position your TV right above it or slide it into the TV rack. They have a bigger cabinet that delivers a bigger and bassier audio output than a soundbar. 

While the majority of first-generation soundbars only offer optical inputs, you can find better modern designs like the Dolby Atmos-enabled Yamaha YAS-207 and Sony ST-HT5000 while the Sonos Beam features HDMI connections. 

The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar will even support HDMI 2.1 just to offer you extra flexibility. Some like the Sonos Playbase offers you plenty of streaming features when you want to listen to music on Spotify or Tidal. 

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about overspending on these crucial devices, you can get a budget soundbar under $100 that will get the job done!

Alternatively, you can go for a powered home theater system for a complete solution that delivers surround sound without too much bulkiness. These pre-matched systems feature everything you may want, including wiring and amplification. 


Electric Bikes make Group Rides More Enjoyable

Leveling the Field: How Electric Bicycles Make Riding in Groups Better than Before

Let’s face it, riding bicycles recreationally or for exercise with friends is often better than riding by oneself. A common problem often encountered by bike riders is that keeping one, level pace throughout an entire group of people can be challenging. Riders are often of different skill levels, meaning that unless a group is perfectly matched, staying together will be highly unlikely.

New technology challenges this preconceived notion, as electric bicycles have revolutionized the way that people both commute and exercise. Manufacturers, like Cemoto Electric Bicycles, have developed innovative transportation that facilitates easier group exercise, equipping models with 300-watt engines and features that level the playing field to an unprecedented level. With 36 volts high-quality Ah Lithium batteries powering kits you along, there is also nothing to worry about when it comes to long-lasting, sustainable power that you can trust with high-quality conversion kits.

Features for Leveled Success

In the past, traditional bicycles have often set individuals apart based upon speed, agility, and general ability. Electric bicycles have transformed this standard, allowing even the most inexperienced of riders to still participate in valuable workouts while maintaining pace within a larger group. Therefore, each rider can benefit from an intense workout while receiving the help that they may need to sustain their energy levels of the course of an exercise regimen.

A select number of electric bicycle manufacturers, like Cemoto, have crafted transportation machines that come standard with three-level pedal-assist and power-on-demand. Whether you are fatigued or less experienced than other riders in a group, you no longer have to be left out. Both features optimize and magnify your body’s inherent abilities, helping you to still reap the benefits of a high-intensity workout without having to drop off early due to fatigue.

Plains, Hills and Mountains, Oh My!

Yet another benefit of electric bicycles when working out in groups is that you can now take on more challenging terrain. Many times, workouts must be determined by those participating with the least advanced skillset. Luckily, electric bicycles remove this limitation, allowing a group to take on any landscape with confidence knowing that if anything should happen, their bicycle possesses the ability to carry them to the finish line.

In particular, the pedal-assist function in Cemoto models such as the AEB-03 Step-Thru, AEB-06 City Commuter, and AEB-04 Ladies Commuter are great for different levels of exercise abilities. Nemoto bicycles come equipped with three levels of pedal-assist ranging from low assistance to high levels of assistance that amplifies your inherent energy output. Thus, even the most inexperienced of riders can take on a mountain path knowing that they have added help if needed.

Travel in Numbers With the Power of Electric Bicycles

If you enjoy working out in groups and are interested in investing in transportation that is multifunctional for daily life and exercise, an electric bicycle may be for you. Nemoto bicycles, like many other high-quality manufacturers, can provide you with the models you need to meet your unique needs, providing you with a bike that is well-equipped for wherever life takes you.